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It is our duty to reveal natural Beauty
  • Philosophy on Beauty Our inspiration is all
    Natural Beauty

    Nature’s ecosystem is brimming with life, nurturing itself in harmony
    with beauty. Nature is one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

    Our goal at SHEBAH BIOTECH Inc. is to unveil the secret of nature’s beauty
    and implement it into all-natural cosmetics. We fully believe that each
    person can find their own sense of beauty like nature has.

    After SHEBAH BIOTECH Inc.’s groundbreaking finding that human skin is
    a kind of natural ecosystem, the beneficial properties of
    lactic acid bacteria (LAB) living on human skin have begun to become
    more thoroughly understood and used in SHEBAH cosmetics.

    We at SHEBAH BIOTECH Inc. hold a curious and respectful attitude
    toward nature and resolve to ensure that every drop of plant extract
    optimizes the quality of our cosmetics.

    In SHEBAH BIOTECH Inc.’s perspective,
    the key to beauty lies in the balance
    between cutting-edge probiotic technology
    and all-natural herbal ingredients.

  • Sustainability

    SHEBAH BIOTECH Inc. works hard to guarantee and sustain its customers’ trust by keeping our products natural.

    SHEBAH BIOTECH’s raw ingredient-based products have been reviewed by the Environmental Working Group (a nonprofit organization established in the United States) and received official green certification for safety. We develop products that benefit both nature and humanity by investing in the development of organic and natural cosmetics. In addition, we practice Green Chemistry FeedBack to minimize environmental damage and health concerns by utilizing reusable materials for product packaging.

    We aim to advance development of the local economy (i.e. promotion of farm profit and enterprise growth) by purchasing plants grown in clean Gangwon-do soil by the Soyang River and utilizing them in a way agreeable to eco-friendly farmers.

    On average, we complete 2-3 patent applications per year and publish research papers in international journals, as part of our innovative approach to cosmetic development. Our company also provides employment in a manner spurring cosmetic advancement and giving back to the economy.

    Furthermore, our company is a source of career stability for disabled people, who are often denied job opportunities. SHEBAH BIOTECH collaborates with Hoban Protection Workplace to support their social and financial independence. By doing so, we intend to establish sustainable relationships between the underprivileged and our company.

  • Revolution Heterachy

    In the past, the marketplace was primarily characterized by the proverbial corporate ladder, assigning work roles in ascending order (Hierarchy: vertical structure). In a rapidly changing market environment, such a hierarchy hinders efficient decision-making, productivity, and flexibility towards new variables.

    However, in the current 4th Industrial Revolution, the increasing unpredictability of the marketplace renders Hierarchy no longer suitable to management organization. In response, companies are starting to break free of rigid standards and adopt more flexible approaches.

    This is a time where complex organizations need flexibility in swift decision-making. Decisions are the culmination of people communicating and embracing intellectual diversity, leading to an expanding database and mutual trust.

    One new approach, known as hetero-structure, or Heterarchy, resolves the issue of unanticipated change by interacting with both internal and external changes, allowing the company greater mobilization, creativity, and self-actualization. It is important for distinctions to be made between these management organizations so that decisions concerning human resources are made more efficiently and digital data sorted more effectively.

    SHEBAH BIOTECH Inc. embraces Heterarchy as its management model and guarantees increased flexibility for its employees. We value diverse input from people all across our Heterarchy- input that will propel our environmentally-friendly cosmetics lines forward.