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SHEBAH BIOTECH Inc. has been established by the researchers
who are experts in biochemistry, molecular biology,
immunology, microbiology and fermentation engineering based
on the philosophy of the company, “To Reveal Natural Beauty”.

SHEBAH's researchers are dedicated to develop the fine products by evaluating the bioactive substances and efficacy of cosmetics cosmetics and exploring them at the level of genetic research.

Applied the fermentation technology, the formulation technology has been developing to optimize the efficiencies by increasing the efficacy of plant materials found in nature and the content of bioactive substances. SHEBAH’s research achievement has been reflected in the products manufacturing differentiated cosmetics in quality and efficacy to provide customers the beauty of nature.

In addition, SHEBAH BIOTECH Inc. has been studying the human skin precisely to find answers to the troubles and concerns of the skin, within the ecosystem of humanity (Sitz im Leben). SHEBAH BIOTECH Inc. has been developed the business model of personalized cosmetics applying skin microbiome for the first time in the world, and we are doing our best to activate individually customized cosmetics as a leader in this field.

SHEBAH BIOTECH Inc. has been striving to grow into an eco-friendly cosmetics manufacturer that protects nature and the environment by developing green extraction processes and applying Green Chemical Feedback System to reduce carbon emissions.

SHEBAH BIOTECH Inc. believes that those efforts could lead to a new paradigm of beauty and to actualize the idea of providing the beauty of nature to humanity.