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  • Microbiome is a cluster of all microorganisms in the human body and the genetic information of these microbial communities. It has a deep relationship with human diseases and health maintenance, and is emerging as a key technology for health care.

  • Dr. Lim Hye-won, CEO of Shebah Biotech Inc., predicted the demand for materials and products using microbiome in the cosmetics market and commercialized the world's first microbiome analysis-based personal dance cosmetics.

  • Currently, Dr. SHEBAH’s Research Institute is actively engaged in a number of academic research and patent applications based on skin microbiome, with the advice of Dr. Chang-jin Lim, director of Dr. SHEBAH Lab. and several other experts.

    1. Lactobacillus rhamnosus (HK-09) has been separated & identified as one of the skin originated probiotics strain through the skin microbiological analysis technology and it has been used as a cosmetic material since 2012 (patent registration number 10-1388918)

    2. Development of high-functional cosmetic raw material for various natural products through complex fermentation with Lactobacillus paracasei (HS-05) (patent registration number 10-1440469, 10-1627850)

    3. In 2018, Leuconostoc mesenteroides (SBC-4401), separated from skin as kimchi-derived lactic acid bacteria, were isolated and identified to complete the patent application. It has been used as a raw material for cosmetics (patent application number 10-2018-0032998)

    4. Application of ‘Customized cosmetic manufacturing method and system’ has been completed for the domestic patent registration, and the international patent application is under proceeding by the patent cooperative (PCT) (registered in 2018.09.19, patent registration number 10-1902509)

  • Shebah Biotech Inc. has excellent formulation technology to develop natural bio-cosmetics based on accumulated research results as well as professional researchers, and is proud to have optimized production facilities.

    1. Dr. SHEBAH Lab currently provides professional analysis results by genetic analysis of 26 species of microorganisms present on the skin of each customers, and also provides three types of personalized solutions based on the analysis results.


With Dr. SHEBAH, women find timeless beauty
and won’t have to worry about aging again.

Lim, Hye-wonResearcher

  • Education
    Master of Business Administration at KAIST TechnoMBA.
    PhD of Immunology/Molecular Biology at Calgary School of Medicine (Canada).
    Master of Biochemistry / Molecular Biology at Kangwon National University.
  • Careers
    CEO of Shebah Biotech Inc.; Management Planning, Research and Development.
    Business manager of Radiant Co.; Overseas Marketing and R&D.
    Kangwon National University Life Science Research Institute, full-time researcher; study (Antoxidation Mechanism).
    Calgary Medical School, Postdoctoral Researcher ;study (signal delivery).

Lim, Chang-jinResearcher

  • Education
    Ph.D, at University of Minnesota.
    Master of Science at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST).
    Bachelor of Science at Yonsei University.
  • Careers
    Professor of Biochemistry at Kangwon National University.
    Assistant professor at Yonsei University School of Medicine.
    Researcher Korea Ginseng Research Institute.